What Is Mobile Fleet Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Mobile Fleet Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

March 1, 2023

Depending on the size of your fleet, keeping up with semi truck maintenance can become incredibly time-consuming. Scheduling routine maintenance, scrambling to address unforeseen problems, planning your routes, and keeping up with your workload can feel next to impossible during busy seasons. Learn how mobile fleet maintenance can help free up time and resources.

Challenges of Traditional Fleet Maintenance

Many fleet managers see semi truck maintenance as a nuisance and a necessary evil. Of course, it’s essential to keep all vehicles running smoothly and complete repairs where needed. However, traditional fleet maintenance poses a multitude of challenges and downfalls. The disadvantages of traditional semi truck maintenance include the following:

1. Managing multiple locations

If your fleet operates out of multiple locations, it can be complicated to find a fleet maintenance provider you can trust with a convenient location for all of your trucks. Many fleet managers work with thousands of trucks and a handful of locations where these trucks are stored. This situation is challenging enough without also juggling multiple fleet maintenance locations.

2. Fuel costs

Traditional fleet maintenance requires trucks to visit a garage or a shop to receive maintenance and repairs. Even with the best planning, this extra stop means additional fuel costs. For fleets with hundreds or thousands of vehicles, the stops for routine maintenance or minor repairs can add up very quickly in terms of fuel costs.

3. Employee time

If you’re scheduling maintenance and repairs at a shop, you also have to pay a driver to take the truck to that shop, wait for the maintenance to be completed, and drive the truck back to your location or their next stop. This adds downtime and wastes employee resources each and every time a truck needs servicing, which can quickly become costly.

What Is Mobile Fleet Maintenance?

Mobile fleet maintenance and repair allows fleet managers to schedule services right on location! That means no more added downtime or tricky scheduling. Plus, if urgent repairs are needed, this service can reduce the need for a costly tow to the shop. With mobile truck maintenance, technicians come to you on your schedule.

Torque employee servicing the fleet by changing its tires

Advantages of Mobile Fleet Maintenance

There are countless advantages of leveraging mobile fleet maintenance. A few of the most valuable include:

1. Perform repairs anywhere

Quickly performing repairs is essential for minimizing downtime when an unexpected problem arises with one of your trucks. Unfortunately, some issues make driving the truck unsafe or unreliable. With mobile fleet maintenance, you can schedule a service anywhere, whether on one of your lots or at a driver’s home. Get your assets repaired promptly and decrease the need for towing services with mobile fleet repair.

2. Increased uptime

Your business revolves around maximizing your time and resources. When scheduling maintenance for your fleet results in large amounts of downtime, you lose money and waste employee time. By scheduling maintenance right at your location, you increase uptime and boost your bottom line.

3. Stay on top of maintenance

When things get busy, it’s all too easy to feel tempted to put off routine maintenance for another week. However, as all experienced fleet managers know, this is a risky call and can come back to haunt you in even more expensive ways. Because mobile truck maintenance allows you to maximize uptime and avoid unnecessary costs, it’s much easier to work routine maintenance into your schedule and stay on top of all needed check-ins. A healthier, more reliable fleet is possible!

4. Get the same trusted service at multiple locations

Whether you operate out of one location or ten, you need to know that you can trust the technicians servicing your vehicles. By utilizing mobile fleet maintenance and repair, you can rest assured that the same trustworthy technicians are taking care of all of your vehicles instead of having to select various service providers at different locations.

Torque specialist serving the truck during mobile fleet maintenance

In short, mobile fleet maintenance allows you to schedule reliable service without the added downtime, fuel cost, or employee time associated with traditional fleet maintenance. With Torque, you can experience all these benefits of mobile fleet maintenance, plus unique features to simplify semi truck maintenance. For example, our online portal makes it easy to track your past services and schedule upcoming maintenance.

Easily try mobile fleet maintenance and pay as you go – Torque doesn’t require contracts. Simply schedule the services you need and pay online when the job is done! Our expert technicians are ready to serve you at a location of your choice. Get started today!

With Torque, your fleet is in safe hands.

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