Semi Truck Yearly Maintenance Checklist: What You Need To Know

Semi Truck Yearly Maintenance Checklist: What You Need To Know

March 27, 2023

Staying on top of semi truck maintenance can be a beast of a task. While some semi truck maintenance checklist items should be addressed according to mileage, other routine semi truck maintenance tasks belong on a yearly maintenance checklist. From seasonal demands to routine checks that technicians should perform regardless of mileage, it’s important to understand what maintenance is necessary every year.

Why is yearly maintenance important?

Regular semi truck maintenance can feel like a hassle and it’s all too easy to let it fall to the wayside. However, prioritizing other tasks over routine maintenance will often come back to haunt you. Yearly maintenance helps keep your operations smooth, your community safe, and your budget predictable.

Being proactive about semi truck maintenance may feel time consuming initially, but scheduling yearly maintenance is a much lighter operational lift than scrambling to schedule a repair or limp a vehicle out to a shop on short notice or even in the middle of a route. Breakdowns and unexpected repairs throw off routes and timelines, impacting your service for your customers and racking up extra costs.

In addition, yearly maintenance is essential for a safe fleet. Many truck accidents are unfortunately caused by malfunctions and mechanical failures. The best way to prevent these occurrences is to perform routine maintenance

Finally, yearly maintenance is important because it saves you money in the long run. An excellent care routine helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns and short-notice shop visits. Routine maintenance is a predictable cost that can be worked into your projections and budget.

Setting aside the time and resources to perform semi truck maintenance every year means a healthier budget and a more predictable timeline for your customers!

What maintenance is necessary?

Working from a semi truck maintenance checklist can help you focus on the most essential items instead of wasting time sifting through dozens of possible focus areas. In some cases, the exact maintenance on your yearly checklist will depend on the year, make, and model of your particular assets. Be sure to check all manufacturer manuals to ensure all crucial aspects are addressed in yearly maintenance. 

In addition to consulting the manuals for each asset, use this semi truck maintenance checklist to get started:

  • Fluids: Small fluid leaks can easily go unnoticed for a long stretch of time. However, once discovered, some fluid leads can leave irreparable damage behind. Checking on oil, power steering fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid levels and keeping detailed records between services can help accurately monitor for leaks or malfunctions.
  • Tires: Properly functioning tires are crucial for a safe vehicle. During yearly maintenance, check tires for proper tread and pressure. Rotate tires if needed. 
  • Electrical: Alternators and batteries keep your fleet up and running, literally. Performing regular checks on all electrical components and the system as a whole is a smart use of time during a yearly maintenance visit. 
  • Transmission: Check fluid levels and overall condition of the transmission.
  • Heating and cooling systems: Heat and air conditioning systems often get overlooked, especially if routine maintenance is being performed in the opposite season from that system’s normal use. Yearly maintenance is a great time to ensure that these systems are functioning as expected.
  • Brakes: One of the most crucial components of semi truck safety is the brake system. Thoroughly inspect all brake pads, drums, shoes, and rotors. If needed, make replacements to ensure best possible performance.

In addition to general tune-ups and a thorough inspection of the undercarriage and exterior of each vehicle, this semi truck maintenance checklist can help streamline the process of keeping your fleet safe and running as expected. 

The convenience of mobile fleet maintenance

Staying on top of semi truck maintenance for each and every asset in your fleet can feel overwhelming and impossibly time consuming. From scheduling a time for maintenance and reworking your driving routes to conserve fuel to paying for employee time while maintenance is completed, the whole process can feel like a drain on your resources. Not to mention, the added question of security for any assets being transported and for the truck itself can cause its own logistical headaches. 

Fortunately, mobile fleet maintenance allows busy fleet managers to skip the time-consuming, fuel-wasting process of taking trucks to the shop for maintenance. With mobile fleet maintenance, the technicians come to you instead. 

Torque allows for increased uptime, reduced labor and fuel costs, and a more convenient experience. With mobile maintenance and expert technicians, Torque can help keep your fleet running smoothly by meeting you where your trucks are. Enjoy easy scheduling and a pay-as-you-go system, and reap the benefits of mobile maintenance. Get started today!

With Torque, your fleet is in safe hands.

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