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Fleet Maintenance Solutions

Preventive, Mobile, and Specialized Maintenance for All Fleet Types

At Torque by Ryder, we bring top-tier fleet maintenance to your doorstep, ensuring your vehicles are always ready to perform. Our mobile fleet services extend from routine checks to emergency repairs, encompassing a full spectrum of mobile fleet maintenance and diesel truck maintenance needs. No matter the type of vehicle — from heavy-duty trucks to commercial sedans — we have the expertise to maintain your fleet’s optimal performance.

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Custom Maintenance Solutions
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Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance Services

Routine Preventive Maintenance

Ensure your fleet operates at peak efficiency with scheduled maintenance checks, oil changes, tire rotations, and more.

On-Demand Repairs

Expert care for diesel engines, including diagnostics, engine tune-ups, and handling common diesel issues like fuel contamination and glow plug replacements.

Two semi trucks from a fleet driving on a highway
A Torque by Ryder service truck giving routine maintenance to a semi truck

Diesel Fleet Specialization

Rapid response to unexpected breakdowns and mechanical failures, minimizing downtime and getting your vehicles back on the road quickly.

Custom Fleet Solutions

Tailored services designed to meet the unique requirements of specialized fleet operations, from refrigerated trucks to construction equipment.

Mobile Maintenance

On-site repairs and maintenance are brought directly to your location, providing unparalleled convenience and reducing vehicle downtime.

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Common Vehicle Types & Fleets We Service

Our services are not limited to this list, please contact us to learn more.

Semi truck driving on a highway

Semi Trucks & Heavy Duty

Expert care for heavy-duty performers. Our services ensure your semi trucks withstand the demands of long hauls and heavy loads, keeping them road-ready and reliable.

Box truck fleet waiting for a routine maintenance service

Medium Duty

Optimal efficiency for medium-duty vehicles. We provide specialized maintenance that keeps your delivery trucks and utility vehicles performing at their best.

Light duty truck on a construction site

Light Duty

Precision maintenance for light-duty fleets. From vans to pickup trucks, we ensure smooth operation with routine checks and repairs tailored to lighter loads.

semi truck and trailer driving on a road in fall


Keeping your cargo secure with dedicated trailer maintenance. From brake inspections to structural repairs, we cover all aspects to ensure safe and stable hauls.

fleet sedan after a routine check up


Specialized service for corporate sedans. Our meticulous approach keeps your executive and service sedans in pristine condition.

Emergency response vehicle driving on the road in a city

Emergency Response

Reliable maintenance for critical response vehicles. We provide swift, thorough services to ensure that your ambulances and fire trucks are always mission-ready.

Passenger buses on a road in a hilly area


Comprehensive care for passenger buses. Whether for public transport or private tours, our maintenance ensures safety and comfort for all passengers.

refrigeration unit on a semi truck after a repair

Refrigerated Trucks

Essential upkeep for refrigerated fleets. We focus on the unique needs of refrigerated transport, from cooling systems to vehicle integrity, ensuring your goods stay chilled.

Common Fleet Maintenance Services

Keep your fleet running smoothly with Torque by Ryder’s essential maintenance services, tailored for reliability and compliance.
Semi truck diesel engine in need of repair

DOT/Federal Inspections

Ensure compliance and safety with our thorough DOT and federal inspections, designed to meet all regulatory standards and keep your fleet legally roadworthy.

Diagnostic Services

Advanced diagnostic services to accurately identify issues and optimize vehicle performance, minimizing downtime and unexpected repairs.

Refrigeration Maintenance & Repairs

Specialized maintenance and repairs for refrigeration units, ensuring they operate efficiently to keep your perishable goods perfectly preserved during transit.

Liftgate Maintenance & Repairs

Reliable maintenance and repair services for liftgates, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in loading and unloading operations.

semi truck having its brakes repaired

Preventive Maintenance

Comprehensive preventive maintenance programs tailored to each vehicle’s needs, focusing on longevity and reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns.

Brake/Suspension Services

Critical maintenance for brakes and suspension systems, ensuring top performance and safety for your fleet through meticulous inspections and repairs.

A/C and Heating Systems

Expert service for A/C and heating systems to ensure comfortable, safe conditions inside your vehicles, regardless of weather conditions.

Batteries & Electrical Systems

Complete care for batteries and electrical systems, preventing failures and ensuring your fleet’s electronic components function flawlessly.

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Contact us to discuss your fleet needs and schedule a preliminary assessment.

Step 2: Tailored Service Plan

Based on your specific requirements and fleet analysis, we craft a customized maintenance plan that aligns with your operational goals and budget.

Step 3: On-Site Service Execution

Our mobile maintenance teams visit your location to perform scheduled services and repairs, equipped with all necessary tools and parts.

Step 4: Use Our Customer Portal

Use our Customer Portal to pay invoices, schedule appointments, view maintenance history, add vehicles and service locations.

Industries We Serve

Our knowledgeable technicians are ready to serve fleets in the following industries:
loading dock with a crane stacking large containers onto a truck

Delivery &

semi truck transporting gasoline

Oil & Gas

Large truck being filled with dirt


Semi truck transporting a tractor

Equipment Dealers

Ambulance on a call

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Refrigeration trucks on a lot during a routine maintenance service

Food & Service

Large truck transporting a portion of a prefab home


trucks on site during repairs

Utility Management

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