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From routine and preventive maintenance to on-demand repairs and urgent services, all of the moving parts involved in keeping your fleet up and running can add up quickly. With mobile fleet maintenance from Torque by Ryder, reap the time and cost-saving benefits of an innovative and hassle-free maintenance service.

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Preventive Maintenance

Among the best ways to save money for your fleet is keeping a detailed fleet preventive maintenance checklist and adhering to it strictly. Instead of waiting for breakdowns or dangerous mechanical issues, completing fleet preventive maintenance allows you to stay on top of the health of your fleet.

At the same time, scheduling routes and shifts around trips to the shop for preventative maintenance can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. Leveraging mobile fleet maintenance allows you to sit back and rest assured that your fleet is being serviced during downtime, at your location.

On-Demand Maintenance

Sometimes, the need for mobile truck maintenance sneaks up at unexpected, unscheduled times. Traditional semi truck maintenance may call for a tow or a costly detour in order to service a truck in need of repair.

However, with on-demand maintenance from Torque by Ryder, you can deploy expert technicians to any location to service your trucks. With mobile fleet maintenance and repair where and when you need it, you can keep your fleet up and running without paying for reroutes or employee overtime to stay with the trucks. We work with your downtime and maximize your uptime.

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No more grappling with paperwork that weighs you down and wastes your time. Our app is designed to save you time and make it easier than ever to keep up with preventive fleet maintenance!

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