Cost-Effective Fleet Maintenance: Breaking Down Torque by Ryder's Contract-Free Model

Cost-Effective Fleet Maintenance: Breaking Down Torque by Ryder's Contract-Free Model

April 23, 2024

Introduction to the Contract-Free Fleet Maintenance Model

Many fleet maintenance companies lock enterprise fleets into long contracts that may not serve the fleet’s best interests over time. This long standing practice not only makes maintenance processes less flexible, it also opens the door for transparency issues, confusion, and higher spending on maintenance and repairs. 

That’s why Torque by Ryder takes a different approach to the traditional maintenance model. Never worry about restrictive or expensive contracts when you work with the Torque by Ryder team. For even more flexibility and convenience, fleets can pay by credit card and set up terms for recurring business so that services always occur on their terms – and on their turf! 

Understanding Torque by Ryder's Innovative Approach

Every step of the Torque by Ryder approach is designed with the needs of the fleet in mind. Enterprise fleet maintenance is tricky enough without service providers adding confusing contracts to the mix. 

Instead, Torque by Ryder prioritizes transparency and ease. By beginning with clear quotes and rate sheets at the beginning of each project, we establish a shared understanding of pricing. Then, we provide flexibility with a contract-free model and no minimum work or frequency requirements. Without the need for dedicated technicians, enterprise fleets can access flexible technician support for unplanned maintenance and repairs. 

Best of all, certified Torque by Ryder technicians come directly to your lot, freeing up your drivers to continue running loads or performing projects. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the Torque by Ryder approach to fleet maintenance and highlight the flexibility and cost benefits of this innovative method. 

Key Features of the Contract-Free Model

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Torque by Ryder leverages a unique, fleet-friendly model free of contracts, retainers, and fees. These are the key features of this commercial fleet management approach.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

Trust is built on transparency. Signing a contract with a service provider only to realize that their rates aren’t what they seemed or their schedule doesn’t fit your needs is a frustrating experience. That’s why Torque by Ryder is committed to providing transparency at every step of the way. 

First, we provide rate sheets at the start of each project and work up specific quotes before work begins. Thanks to our contract-free model, there is no getting stuck with a price range that doesn’t work for your commercial vehicle fleet management plan. Once you’ve seen the quote and rate sheet, you can decide to move forward with our services

We also provide transparency in the services and quality we provide. Technicians are cross trained on various specialty units, allowing for reliable services on a wide range of vehicle types. Training focuses on preventive maintenance and specialized certifications, ensuring that all services fulfill their purpose with the highest degree of care. 

Flexibility and Scalability of Maintenance Services

Whether you need a reliable team for enterprise fleet management or you need a lean and scalable option for a small but growing fleet, Torque by Ryder offers flexible options for every need. Traditional maintenance models can involve costly contracts, minimum work or frequency requirements, and pre-paid monthly retainers and fees. These elements make it extremely difficult to find affordable fleet maintenance solutions. 

By working with Torque by Ryder, fleets enjoy a new era of flexibility and scalability. Pay as you go without the stress of work minimums. Leave the rigidity of the dedicated technician model behind and instead leverage the flexibility and reduced overhead of flexible technician support for unscheduled repairs and maintenance. We reduce fleet costs even further by eliminating monthly fees and retainers. You only pay for the services you need, which makes us equally affordable for tiny fleets and for large enterprise fleet maintenance. That means we can easily grow with you as your fleet expands over time. 

Plus, our core offering of mobile fleet maintenance means fleets don’t need a coordinating driver to take each vehicle to the shop. Instead, our certified technicians come to you while you reduce labor hours or send the driver on a different project as needed. 

Analyzing the Cost Benefits for Enterprises

The lean, flexible, pay-as-you-go model with Torque by Ryder provides exciting cost benefits for enterprise fleets. 

Reducing Operational Costs and Overhead

The cost benefits of working with Torque by Ryder add up quickly, especially for enterprise fleet maintenance needs. By providing services directly at your lot or preferred location and on your schedule, Torque by Ryder helps reduce overhead and cut operating costs with every maintenance appointment and repair need. Without the need for monthly retainers or fees, fleets save additional costs automatically. 

In addition, mobile fleet maintenance services make it easier to keep up with enterprise fleet maintenance schedules and requirements. It’s all too easy to let preventive maintenance fall by the wayside, but this mistake quickly leads to unexpected downtime and costly repairs. Not only does Torque by Ryder address those repair needs quickly and thoroughly, we also help prevent them through ongoing routine maintenance that doesn’t dig into your operational costs. 

Comparing the Torque by Ryder Approach with Traditional Fleet Maintenance Contracts

Choosing the right enterprise fleet maintenance provider can make a world of difference in your bottom line and in your overall stress in day to day enterprise fleet management. Carefully consider your options to make the right choice for your unique fleet. 

Pros and Cons of Each Model

Some enterprises hesitate to switch to a contract-free, pay-as-you-go model like Torque by Ryder’s. Understandably, they worry that the cons of this approach will include difficulty scheduling, unpredictable pricing, and variable quality. Straying from a dedicated technician structure that you pay a retainer for can feel scary. 

However, Torque by Ryder is dedicated to providing reliable fleet maintenance exactly when and where you need it. All technicians are fully certified, with thorough training in their specialties and in preventive maintenance. With Torque by Ryder, fleets enjoy flexibility and cost savings without sacrificing reliability or quality. 

Making the Best Choice for Your Fleet

For the vast majority of fleets, the contract-free approach used by the Torque by Ryder team offers the most benefits. Because of its flexibility, this approach makes maintenance more affordable for fleets of all sizes while providing cost savings for commercial fleet management efforts. Choose scalability, transparency, and reduced overhead when you choose Torque by Ryder. Get started today!

With Torque, your fleet is in safe hands.

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