Large Fleet Mobile Maintenance Services

From routine and preventive maintenance to on-demand repairs and urgent services, all of the moving parts involved in keeping your fleet up and running can add up quickly. With mobile fleet maintenance from Torque by Ryder, reap the time and cost-saving benefits of an innovative and hassle-free maintenance service.

Custom Maintenance for Enterprise Fleets

Streamlining commercial fleet maintenance requires partnerships beyond your local auto shop. Large fleets need dedicated fleet maintenance companies on their side in order to ensure unbeatable service and customizable solutions. Explore the benefits of partnering with a high-quality fleet services company such as Torque by Ryder.

Tailored solutions for your fleet's requirements

Every enterprise fleet consists of a unique combination of asset types, and vehicle needs. Furthermore, every enterprise fleet comes with its own priorities, goals, and challenges. A fleet maintenance program should reflect these individual needs through responsive service offerings, smooth scheduling, and reliable service.

Whether you’re in delivery fleet management or commercial fleet management, you need to know that your vehicles are accurately serviced on your schedule. The expert technicians at Torque by Ryder understand that no two fleets are the same. We take the time to learn your specific maintenance needs and optimize your service plan.

Solutions specifically built for large fleets

While managing a small fleet may come with room for reasonable error, large fleet vehicle management demands a well-structured maintenance strategy and ongoing specialized attention. At Torque by Ryder, our extensive experience in commercial fleet maintenance allows us to provide tailored solutions that protect your assets and resources while preserving uptime.

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Service Built To Scale

With technicians that come to your location on your schedule, you can maintain your fleet's flow while managing the trucks that need attention. When it comes time to scale, we're ready- you can add service requests or locations quickly and easily. We're bringing white-glove service to enterprise fleet maintenance, keeping your fleet on the road.

Minimized downtime

Whether a vehicle is making an extra stop at an auto shop for servicing or waiting roadside for emergency maintenance, downtime can quickly eat away at profits and productivity. Scheduling routine maintenance helps to cut down on unplanned downtime. Better yet, Torque by Ryder minimizes downtime with a mobile fleet maintenance program. Instead of rerouting and paying a driver to wait at the shop, schedule a time for our trained technicians to come to you. We protect your uptime with commercial fleet maintenance services on your time, at your preferred location.

Improved fleet safety

A custom maintenance plan for large fleets helps improve fleet safety by ensuring all vehicles are well-maintained and compliant with industry standards and regulations. Routine maintenance helps prevent unplanned breakdowns and dangerous vehicle malfunctions.


Experts in enterprise fleet management understand how quickly maintenance costs can add up with thousands of vehicles in a fleet. A proactive maintenance approach helps prevent costly breakdowns and extends the lifespan of each asset. Torque by Ryder offers a pay-as-you-go model with no extra fees or daunting contracts. Our expert technicians provide cost-effective services on your schedule, at your location, saving you precious time and money.

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Industries We Serve

Our expert technicians serve fleets in a wide range of industries, including:

Delivery &
Oil & Gas
Equipment Dealers
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Food Service
Utility Management

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