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The team at Torque by Ryder consists of world-class technicians who know fleet vehicles inside and out. Our team of mechanics specializing in diesel engines is ready to come to you at your most convenient location to keep your diesel fleet on the road and running efficiently.

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Too often, fleet maintenance appointments require inconvenient reroutes that eat away at work hours, waste fuel, and reduce uptime. That’s why Torque by Ryder comes to you at your lot or your chosen location. With mobile diesel fleet maintenance, there’s no more need for added downtime and loss of profit. Instead, schedule fleet maintenance and repairs right where you need them, when you need them.

Diesel Fleet Maintenance

Whether you’re ready to schedule ongoing appointments for preventive maintenance or a one-off visit for repairs, Torque by Ryder can help. By staying on top of routine maintenance needs, you can reduce overall costs for your fleet and improve fuel efficiency over time. Keep your diesel fleet in shape without sacrificing uptime by scheduling mobile preventive maintenance. 

When your diesel vehicles encounter breakdowns or malfunctions, it’s easy for towing and repairs to quickly harm your bottom line. Add this to the downtime caused by taking that vehicle out of rotation until it’s repaired, and the entire incident can become costly. On-demand mobile diesel fleet repairs can help you preserve uptime and save on the cost of a tow to a shop. 

Common Issues with Diesel Fleets

Managing a diesel fleet comes with its own unique set of challenges. A few of the most common issues our specialists encounter include:
A worker working on diesel semi trucksmoking engine on a diesel semi truck

Damaged Glow Plug

Diesel vehicles rely on glow plugs to efficiently utilize fuel. If a glow plug is damaged, the vehicle’s fuel economy is likely to suffer. Drivers may also notice weak acceleration or black smoke.

Diesel Fuel Contamination

If water, microorganisms, rust, or sediment enters the diesel fuel in a fleet vehicle, then the vehicle’s fuel tank, bunker, and other systems can sustain lasting damage.

Black Engine Exhaust

If the exhaust coming from a diesel vehicle is black, the vehicle likely has an issue such as a bad air filter, faulty intake valves, or a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator.

Low Power

Diesel vehicles can suffer low power or lost power for a wide range of reasons. Our experts can help troubleshoot to address the root cause of power shortages. 

Engine Overheating

Overheated engines can cause smoke or steam to rise from the hood, or drivers may simply notice their temperature gauge getting too high. Professionals can help diagnose the problem and address coolant and antifreeze issues, among other causes.

Battery Problems

From parasitic drains to corroded connections, a wide variety of factors can cause battery problems for diesel fleets. Battery problems can quickly become frustrating and costly as they interfere with drivers’ ability to start their vehicles.

Oil Oxidation

If oxygen enters your engine oil, the oil can change consistency and reduce the efficiency of your engine.

Our skilled mobile team is equipped with the tools and experience necessary to accurately diagnose the source of any of these problems, along with many more.

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Entrusting your diesel fleet to only expert diesel mechanics is crucial for the health and longevity of your fleet. Our expert diesel mechanics can fix and maintain any fleet, and we understand the complexities and nuances of working with diesel engines.
Working with expert diesel mechanics means you’ll benefit from:
Trusted technical expertise
Efficient, targeted troubleshooting
Optimized performance
Manufacturer familiarity
Emissions-compliant services
Targeted safety protocols

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